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Complete Guide to Spirit Guides

Guides show us the way! As the name implies, a guide is someone that leads people through unknown or unfamiliar locations. They prevent you from getting lost or stranded. They may also be good advisers that help you to avoid bad decisions. Spirit guides perform these duties and more. Sadly, human beings are limited by what they see, hear and feel. Many of us are restricted to our physical senses, and we rarely try to overcome this barrier to peer into the spiritual realm. However, we can connect with the supernatural plane, communicate with divine beings and even utilize it to our advantage.

At times we feel alone and separate from the bustle and hustle of the world. But even though we may feel alone, there are spirit entities all around us. Everyone has designated spirit guides; most of us are walking around with a train of spirit guides and don’t even know it. It all falls down to us to connect and communicate with them. This article covers basic information about spirit guides and how to interact with them. If you are looking for means to communicate with your spirit guides, then you should keep reading.


Spirit beings: What are they?

To some people, spirit guides are divine beings that work behind the curtains to put things in place for us. Something like Aladdin and his genie, but instead of just for three wishes, you have them for as long as you live. They also work as a part of the subconscious that comes alive whenever we need them. But we all agree that they are universal forces that are here to help us.

They show themselves to us in different shapes and forms. They usually reveal themselves as guardian angels, spirit animals, ascended masters - like Buddha or Mother Mary-, and our departed loved ones.

We need help sometimes. Some situations require us to seek guidance, direction, and support to scale through them. You need not go far to get the help you need. You can easily consult your spirit guides.

The belief in angels and spiritual guides has existed since ancient times. According to Sophy Burnham, the mystery of spirit guides is an integral part of many cultures and religions. This belief has been carried in Judaism, Christianity, and Islamism and has influenced each other religious’ faith. A notable example is the holy spirit. The Bible and the Quran speaks of the holy spirit who enlightens, fortifies, advises, and even prays for us. Many other religions speak of angels visiting humans to deliver divine instructions. Irrespective of your faith, you can connect with your spirit guides.

There is also a widespread belief that angels make their presence known whenever we need guidance or assistance. Many renowned leaders and spiritual leaders such as George Washington, Emerson, Nikola Tesla, Da Vinci, and Socrates –to mention a few- have spoken about being in contact with spirit guides. We can assume that they received insights from their spirit guides.

So, how do you connect with spirit guides? It is not exactly rocket science; you can connect with your spirit guides too. I have highlighted some steps that can.  Let’s go through it.


Connecting with your spirit guides

Spirit guides interact with us in diverse ways. They could send you messages through dreams, musical messages in a song, and signs. They might even send helpful people and opportunities your way. Sometimes, they work for us without our knowledge; have you ever wondered how some things just fall in place with little or effort? We call it “perfect timing.” But, it could be your spirit guides.

We need to get more attentive to the signs. Our guides are always there and communicating with us. Sadly, these messages get lost because we are too busy and we never pay attention to them. A major part of connecting with our spirit guides is receiving the messages they are already sending. Then, you can act on them. Watch for the signs; the more you can identify the signs, the more messages you get.

Here are some of the practical ways to connect with your spirit guides. Let’s go through them.



One of the best ways to connect with your spirit guides is meditation. The key is to silence your mind; keep it quiet so you can be attentive to what your guide says. Meditation can help to attain peace of mind so you can create space in between your thoughts. It reduces our resistance, raises our frequency to become more receptive to our spirit guides.

Here is one practice for this:

  • Isolate yourself in a cool place undisturbed by other people.
  • Listen to the calmness around you.
  • Try to remove disturbing thoughts from your mind. If they persist, jump up and down to dispel the frantic energy in your body.
  • Resume your meditation; focus on your breathing and allow your body to drift off while remaining consciously aware. You would need to be patient because it might take a while.
  • Let your thoughts flow without questioning or doubting them.

These conditions make it easier for you to hear your guides speak.

You can also utilize yoga and Buddhism meditation techniques to silence your mind and keep it quiet.  Yoga practices contain elements of meditation that connect the mind, body, and breath. Also, Buddhism meditation practices allow you to develop clarity, concentration, and a calm way to see the true nature of this.



Dreams are an integral part of many cultures and religions. For many years, there have been used to connect with the supernatural plane. If you are interested in communicating with your spirit guides, I highly suggest you learn about your dreams.

Make up your mind to connect with your spirit guide in your dreams before going to bed. Repeat this for two weeks and see what happens. Take note of any strange figures, symbols, or patterns in your dreams. In some cases, you may not get a direct answer. Some spirit guides don’t directly reveal themselves to us. Take note of the symbols and note them down. When you finally have an idea of who your guide is, thank them and continue to ask for their guidance.

Lucid dreams and astral projections are good ways to connect with your guides.



Have you ever opened a book, and the first thing you see resonates with you? You may have been practicing bibliomancy without knowing it. Bibliomancy is the practice of seeking spiritual insight by randomly opening a book. Your guides might be subtly sending you a message.

Go to a library, stand in front of a book rack and close your eyes. Ask to be drawn to a book that contains a message from your spirit guide.  Run your fingers through the books until you get an urge to pull a book. Let your feelings guide you. Then open your book to read whatever you see or wait for the message to pop into your mind.

Bibliomancy takes time and practice. At times, you may not receive any messages; other times, you may get hints or clues- not the direct messages.

Plant medicines

If you are really serious about connecting with your guides, you may want to consider the shamanic approach. Plant medicines like Ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms and mescaline administered under the supervision of trusted healers and shamans could open your eyes to your spirit guides. Even Marijuana, under the right conditions, can make you receptive to your guides.


Using divination tools

It is possible to connect with your spirit guides with divination tools. Oracle cards, tarot cards, crystals, pendulums, and runes can help you to get across to them. They are pretty easy to use. You even get basic instructions when you purchase them. Try the different methods to see what works best for you.

PS: it would help to journal your experiences with your spirit guides afterward.

Staying connected with your spirit guides

Spirit guides can even be your buddy, someone who interacts with you daily. The more you know about them, the easier it will be to connect with them. Learn their names and ask them questions. You can even ask them about their past lives. Your spirit guides would like to have a closer relationship with you. They would even send more messages to you when they notice that you are opening up to them.

You would be surprised about how much you can learn from your spirit guides.









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